There may be times when you may need to modify our pre-built tests or even the tests created by you to suit the requirements. Interview Mocha lets you edit the Ready to use tests as well as the tests created by you.

A) To Edit Tests

1. Under My Tests select the test you want to edit

2. Click Edit Skill 

The below window will open

 Section Name You can edit the section name here

 No. of Questions- You can enter the number of questions for this section

Time (Minutes) - You can enter the time (in minutes) you want to allow for this section

3. Selection of Questions is divided into two parts- Automated Selection and Manual Selection 

3.1 Automated Selection- If you select Automated selection, the system will auto-select the questions from the entire skill library. E.g. If the number of questions for a section is 30, with Automated selection, any 30 questions from the library will appear in the test. In this case, you will not know which questions will appear in the test. After making any changes, please click Save Skill, for the changes to take effect. Any further changes will be auto- saved.

Note : Please check if the Randomization feature is enabled in Test settings. If Randomization is enabled, any 30 questions from the skill bank will appear in the test. If Randomization is disabled, the first 30 questions from the skill bank will appear in the test sequentially.

3.2. Select Questions Manually- If you choose Manual selection, then you can view and select each question that you want to appear in the test. Refer to the image below to know the functionality. 

You can also view the question properties as below

  • Question Type: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Multiple Answer Questions (MAQ), True or False and so on
  • No of Points: 1 Points, 2 points, 3 points and so on
  • Difficulty Level of Question: Easy, Medium, or High
  • Tags- Any tags that are allotted to the question

3.3. Click Next to View and Select other questions

3.4. Click Preview Selected Questions to view all the questions selected

3.5. Click Save Skill

If you need to Delete any skill, click the Delete button corresponding to the skill. 

B) To Add a new Skill 

1. Under My Tests select the test you want to add the skill to

2. Select Interview Mocha to add skill from our library or select My Questions to add skills uploaded by you.
    (Note: By default the skill library selected is Interview Mocha, to select questions uploaded by you, please select My Questions.)

3. Click the drop down menu to select skill

4. Click  Add Skill
5. You can follow the same procedure as shown from point 3 to 3.5 (Under Edit Tests) 

The page will look as below

In the above image, Quantitative Aptitude is used from Interview Mocha skill library whereas Logic is used from the skill set uploaded by you in your account (My Questions). 

Coding Questions

The process to add/edit is similar for Coding Questions. For Coding questions, you can select multiple coding languages in which to allow the candidate to answer. In the test platform, the candidate will be able to answer in those languages only. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 1) If I make any changes, but forget to click Save, will it be auto-saved?
Auto-Save function works only after you have clicked Save Skill for the first time. For .E.G. if you click Add Skill and just change the Section Name and close the window, it will not be saved. For any change that you perform for the first time, you will have to click on Save Skill for it to be stores. Any changes later will be Auto-Saved.
2) Where is the General Question Category?
There is no General Question Category. All questions apart from Coding come under General Questions. If you select Coding questions, then only coding questions will appear.
3) How do I merge sections?
If you want to add two or more skill sets to a single section, you can simply enter similar names of the sections. For E.G if you want to add, numerical reasoning and verbal ability under the same section, you can name the section either numerical reasoning or verbal ability. 

4) What happens if I select 5 out of my 10 questions manually and forget to select the rest 5?
No worries, in that case, the entire 10 questions will be auto-selected.

5) What happens if I select 15 questions but the test is only for 10 questions?
Any 10 out of your 15 selected questions will appear in the test. However you need to check the Test settings for Randomization. If Randomization is on, any 10 questions will appear non-sequentially. If Randomization is off, the first 10 questions will appear in a sequence. 

6) How will it affect my selection if have enabled Randomization of questions in Test settings?

  • For Automated selection- The system will select questions from skill library that will appear non-sequentially. 
  • For Manual selection- The questions selected by you from skill library will appear non-sequentially. 

7) What happens if I choose Interview Mocha and Coding questions?
Coding Questions from Interview Mocha skill library will be displayed.

8) What happens if I choose My Questions and Coding questions?
Coding questions uploaded by you will be displayed. 

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