Interview Mocha lets you add your own question in the test so that you can evaluate the candidates better. "My questions" feature can be used to add and manage questions. 

You can also prepare a test having a combination of questions from Interview Mocha test libraries & your uploaded questions.

Let us see how to add your questions:

  • Click “My Questions” tab on the top panel
  • In "All Skills" select the test to which you want to add the questions to
  • Click  “Add question” & select type of question from the drop down menu

There are 6 ways to frame a question i.e. MCQ ( Multiple Choice Questions), True or  False, Descriptive (Subjective), Fill in The Blanks, Multiple Answer, and Coding.

Important:  If you want to add a question under a particular skill name, you can add a new skill on “Add skill” button or choose from the already created skills. 

You can create your own skill & combine them in categories. For better management, you can tag the skills & uploaded questions. 

You can choose a skill & write a question in the text box given.

You can write the answers in the text boxes given below it. If “Option 1” is the correct answer of the question then click on that option. Give the points or marks allotted for that question & Save :)

You can increase or decrease the options. By default, we give 4 options but you can create a question with 3 or 5 options as per your need. You can provide a tag as Easy, Medium, High for the difficulty level. In addition to that you can also provide your own tags for easy identification.

  • Click "Save" once done

Note: Here we have only described the process of adding MCQs, you can add other question types similarly.

Very Important: If you want to add questions in bulk, you can write us at We will upload it within 2 working days.