Invite Candidates 

To Invite Candidates, under My Tests tab, click the Invite button as shown below. 

           The below page opens      

You can view the test links on the left panel. By default, the first test link is selected with the link details displayed on the corresponding page. 

Here you can see the name of the test link creator and the date on which the test link was created. 

  • Click "Invite Candidates" 

  • Select the test link settings 

  • If you select Link Access as Anyone can appear for the test, then just copy the test link and paste it on your social media handles or company career page
  • If you select Link Access as Only Invited Candidates, then enter the email address/ess of the candidates. 

           (You can enter upto 100 email addresses at one time)

  • Click "Send Invitations"
  • The list of invited candidates will appear as below

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will editing an existing test link affect the invitations already sent to candidates?

A) No, each test setting is unique. Editing an existing test link will in no  way affect the invitations already sent. 

Q: If I inactivate a Test Link, what happens to the invitations already sent?
A) The candidates will not be able to appear for the test if the test link is inactivated. 

Q: What does the star icon, next to the test link mean?
A) The star icon signifies that its the default test link. This is useful for API integrations. 

Q: Where can I see the list of all the invited candidates for all links?
A) You can see the list of all invited candidates under Analytics - Invited Candidates. 

In case of any queries, please send us a mail on