To have the in-depth analysis of the test given by the candidate, Interview Mocha gives you the candidate report in PDF format. You can download and share the report or even give access to your teammate to view the report. 

Note: You need not download the report to share the candidate report with your colleague!

There are two ways to view Candidate report:

  1. From “ Analytics” tab
  2. From “My tests” tab

Let us check how to view the report from "Analytics" tab:

  • Click " Analytics" tab on the top panel
  • Search the candidate name or the test name
  • The list of candidate appears
  • Click "View Report" corresponding to the candidate name

Once the report opens, click "Share Report as PDF" or" Download Report as PDF "

When you click on Share Report as PDF, the below window opens

Enter the email address and click Share Report as PDF

The PDF report will be shared with the recipients

Let us check how to view the report from " My Tests" tab:

  • Click "My Tests" tab on the top panel
  • Click "Reports" 

  • From the list select the candidate whose reports you want to share
  • Click " Share Reports" 
  • From the drop down menu, select the team member you want to select the report with
  • Click "Share" 

Note: You can only share with teammates you have added to your account as users. 

How to Download Report as PDF?

Again, follow the same procedure till you open the reports.

  •   Click " Download Report as PDF."

If you wish to show the details of descriptive questions, mark the  box given & click " Download Report as PDF"

The PDF report will look as below

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