Most interviewers, recruiters, and hiring managers are involved in skill testing & interviewing candidates. Their work may vary from creating a test, selecting the questions, inviting candidates for tests, taking interviews and so on. It is important that you have your entire team together as that helps in taking collective and accurate decisions. 

Interview Mocha now helps you to add them as a user & share the access according to your requirements.

Let’s see how to add a user:

  • Click "Settings" tab in the top panel
  • Select "Global Settings" from the drop down menu
  • Select “Users” from the left panel

  • Click "Add User" button 
  • Enter the email ID and Full name of the User 

  • Select the role which you want to give the user (Admin, Recruiter, Interviewer)
  • Mark the access level for the user
  • Click "Save User"

Note: You can edit the access level of existing user from the "Edit " button. You cannot give only Interview Feedback access without giving the Create/Edit/Copy/Share Test access.

Registration will require Email id & full name. You can assign the user as " Recruiter", "Interviewer" or "Admin". By default, some permissions are given to the user, you can change the access level by marking the access level boxes.

Most Important: Only admin has the right to create the users & give access. Admin can also create co-admins who will have all the access.Creating a co-admin will give all the access like billing history, pricing and company details. Hence this should be given to authorized personnel only.

Note:  You can not add the user who is already registered with Interview Mocha. If you want to add them as a user, drop an email to