Many times we need to add notes to a candidate after the interview so that you can share your observations with your colleagues. This helps in taking a collective hiring decision. When the candidate gives interviews to multiple panels, the final decision of recruitment will depend on the feedback given by the various interviewing authorities.

Interview Mocha helps you & your colleagues ( recruiter or interviewer) to give interview feedback to candidates on various skills. Also, you can give the hiring recommendations so that it would be easy for interviewer or HR to take the final hiring decision.

There are 2 ways to provide Interview Feedback

A) From My Test Card 

  1. Click the Interview Notes icon on the Test card

2. Click Add Interview Feedback

On the page that opens up, you can select -

  • Interview Type- Telephonic, face to face, video, HR, technical and so on.
  • Primary Interviewer-By default, it is the person who is giving the feedback. You can select the other users from the list.
  • Interviewer Panel - You can write the name of interviewers in Interviewer Panel. 


You can also provide the Hiring Recommendation  & Justification for your feedback.
In the below blocks you can rate the candidate depending on your assessment of their skill. By default, we provide you certain skill sets which are required by most recruiters.

To provide individual skill feedback for candidate

  • Select the skill from the drop down menu
  • Rate the candidate as per your assessment (Excellent, Good, Adequate etc)
  • If you are done with the feedback, click "Save Feedback" Button

You can also add another skill set to give feedback

  • Click "Add Skill " button on the bottom right corner of your screen
  • Select your skill set from the drop down menu
  • Rate the candidate as per your assessment (Excellent, Good, Adequate, Limited)
  • Once you complete your feedback, click on "Save Interview Feedback" button

B) From Reports 

  • Click "My Tests " tab on top panel
  • Select the desired test
  • Click " Reports"  tab in the left panel

  • List of candidates who have appeared for the test appears
  • Select the candidate for whom you have to give the feedback
  • Click "View Report" 
  • Click "Add Interview Feedback" 

Important: You can add feedback for single candidate on various skills by clicking "Add Skill" button.

Note: All the feedback for a particular candidate can be viewed through the Interview Feedback section under reports. 

To View Feedback Summary 

  • Click My Tests
  • Click the Test which the candidate has given
  • Click Reports from the left panel
  • Click View Report
  • Click Interview Feedback
  • The summary of the candidate's feedback by various team members appear

How to add the feedback when a candidate has not taken the test?

Interview Mocha also allows you to provide feedback for a candidate even though he has not taken the test. This feature is important where you have to rate the candidate in Face to Face or telephonic interview round. 

  • Click "My Tests" tab on the top panel
  • Click "Interview Feedback" against the test you want to rate the candidate for 
  • Enter the details of the Candidate and your Rating 
  • Click "Save Interview Feedback" button

Pro Tip: To view the pre and post-test feedback ensure that the candidate email id entered by you is the same as will be used for the test by the candidate.

Important: You will not see the candidate feedback on "Analytics " Page if he has not taken a test.

Note: The recruiters or interviewers who do not have access to give feedback, will not be able to see the " Add Interview Feedback" button. To see the button & give feedback contact your admin & request access. 

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