While screening a candidate there are a number of skills that you as a recruiter will look for based on the job profile. A receptionist may be required to have good communication skills whereas a project manager needs to have critical thinking and management skills.

Interview Mocha has already added certain skill sets that can help you in the recruiting process. Further to this, you can even add your own customized skills for efficient screening of candidate profile.  

To add your customized skills: 

  • Click "My Test" tab on the top panel
  • Click on the desired test
  • On the left, click " Interview Feedback Skills" 
  • Click  "Add Feedback Skill"
  • Add/Edit/Delete the skills as per your requirement

Once you have made the changes, while giving interview feedback for the candidate, the drop down menu will reflect the fields as shown below. You can then allot your feedback for the candidate.

Note: You can give the feedback even if the candidate has not taken the test.