Question settings appear under Test settings and are a useful feature to use. So lets see what are the Question settings. 

These settings can be done as follows:

  • Click “My Tests” tab on the top panel
  • Select the desired test
  • On the left panel, click “Test Settings”
  • Scroll down to “ Question Settings”

There are three important settings for the questions:

1. Random Questions – Click “Yes”, if you want to give random questions.

Important: In the question bank, if the points allotted to the questions are different then you should switch off the random questions. Otherwise, scores will not be comparable. You can obviously look for the score in percentage :) 

2. Random Answers – Click “Yes”, if you want to give random options to the questions.
Example: For the particular question, to some candidates option A can be the answer & for some other, it may be option B and so on.

3. Copy- Paste for Descriptive questions – In the descriptive questions, a candidate may require to copy-paste the content. So if you want to allow that, you can!  Else, the candidate has to write it again. You can select which one is more applicable in your case.

4. Show question score in Test- This option will show how many marks are allotted to each question. The candidate will also be able to see the marks for each question when attempting the exam.

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