For many candidates who take the test, our test platform is an extension of the company's image. Every organization wants the candidates to have a good experience as it adds to the brand image of the company and manages to attract quality talent as well.
While all our tests are checked for quality, their might be times when the candidates come across questions that have errors in it. For this purpose, we have the Report a Problem, feature. 

While giving tests if the candidate finds any error in the question he can immediately report it. 

For any question, we have the Report a problem button on the right side
Click on Report a Problem
Select the error that you feel is appropriate from the drop down menu
The problem will be reported to our team who will then fix the issue. 

Note: While the candidate can report the problem, it will be verified by our team before making any changes. In case of any question that is irrelevant or the answer options are not correct, necessary steps will be taken and marks given accordingly.