We have complied a list of often repeated questions that we get from candidates who take test from our platform. 

Question: How do i reschedule my test?
For Rescheduling the test, an applicant has to contact the test admin.  (Recruiter who has asked you to take the test.) Only the test admin has the right to reschedule your test.

Question: I was giving the test & my test stopped abruptly. What to do?
Usually, your recruiter or test admin sets a window violation limit. This means that if you open another window when the test is being attempted, your test will be terminated. The termination of the test depends on the limit set by the recruiter.
If this happens you can request your recruiter for reattempt of the test. Please note only the recruiter /test admin has the right to reschedule your test. In case there is no window violation and still you faced issues while giving the test, please write to us at support@interviewmocha.com

Question: I am not able to access the test, it is saying, "Test should be attempted within test limitation time." 
Answer: Most recruiters ask the candidate to write a test within the restricted time only. If you miss the time frame, you will not be able to give the test and will have to contact the recruiter to reschedule the test.
Note: Time is mentioned in the invitation email.

Question: Why is the camera needed for the test?
Our tests have image proctoring feature, which generates images of the candidate when test is attempted. This feature is used by the recruiters to make sure that the candidate does not cheat. Hence for all the tests, having a Webcam is mandatory. 

Question: Software not responding/Error in Software, who do i report to?
Before reporting an error, you need to check the below from your end.
If your computer/laptop is in working condition?
Your internet connection is fast and reliable?

If for some reason, there is a glitch while taking the test, you can report it to us at support@interviewmocha.com with a copy to your recruiter as well.

Question: Can i see my answers and result immediately?
No, this facility is only available for the recruiters or test admins. They will inform you of the test results.

In case of any other query, please contact support@interviewmocha.com