We have made a few key changes to our coding test platform. This will enhance the candidate experience when they give the coding tests. 

Key changes

  •  Selection of coding languages

In the new coding test platform, we have added 3 new languages for the candidates to answer the questions in. These are Swift, GO, Node JS. While attempting the coding questions, the candidates can select the coding language from the right hand side panel as shown in the image below.

  • Theme Selection

While attempting the coding questions the candidates can select if they want the coding screen theme to be light or dark. They can choose this by using the settings button at the extreme right of the question panel as shown in the image below. 

  • Auto-Suggest Support

We have introduced the Intellisense (auto-suggest) feature for the candidates. The auto-suggest feature can be used by pressing Ctrl+Space. 

Intellisense (Auto complete suggestions) is code completion feature that speeds up coding process of the user by providing intelligent input while coding. Interview Mocha supports basic Intellisense in its Coding platform. 

Current version of Intellisense provides keywords,local variables based intelligent input.

  • Editor Modes

The candidates can select the editor mode that they are most comfortable with. Besides the normal mode we have the Emacs and Vim basic version that can be used. The candidates can select it from the settings button at the extreme right side of the coding platform as shown in the image below. 

If you have any questions, you can write to us at support@interviewmocha.com