1.Do I need a Credit Card for signing up?

No. We offer a 14 day trial period, where you don't have to provide your Credit card details.  

2. What happens when my trial ends? 

You can upgrade your account to a paid plan to keep using Interview Mocha. If you allow your trail to expire and don't upgrade, you will not be able to access any candidate data that was generated during the trial period.  After the trial, you can choose to upgrade your plan. Check out our pricing page for details on plan features and pricing options. 

3. Can I sign up for another trial afterward? 

No. You can't start another 14- day trial, but our Sales team will be happy to work with you to extend your trial if needed

4. What happens to my account data after trial ends? 

After your trial ends, you will not be able to access your data. You need to upgrade to a paid plan to access your data (candidate reports).

5. I am unable to find the test I am looking for, can I get a test made? 

Yes. We can custom make a test for you. To avail the custom test all you need to do is subscribe to the plan best suited for your requirements.