You can create various Test links for the same test and Invite Candidates for the test.  

To create Test links

1. Click My Tests in the top panel

2. Click Invite

3. In the page that opens, click Create Test Link

4. Enter link name and click Save

To Invite Candidates

1. Click Invite Candidates 

  • Click "Invite Candidates" 

There are two ways to invite candidates

  1. Invite by email- The test link will be sent by email
  2. Directly sharing the test link - You can copy and paste the test link

1. Invite by email

    Enter the email address (es) of the candidates (You can enter upto 100 email addresses at one time)

    Set the Auto follow-up - Auto follow-up will send a reminder mail to the candidate for the test. 

    Select the Access Time 

    Any Time- This will allow the test link to be active at all times. 

    Time Bound - This will make the link active on the date and time decided by you

    Slot wise - This will male the link active on the selected time slots between the specified dates

    Time Zone- You can select the time zone 

    Once you are done with your selections, click Send Invitations

2. Directly sharing the test link -

    Click Settings 



Select No invitation

Test link will appear

You can copy and paste that link to the candidates

Additional Settings

Only invited candidates - When you select Only invited candidates can appear for the test, only the candidates who receive the test invitation by email will be able to appear for the test. 

Image Proctoring- Image Proctoring will activate candidates webcam and captures random images of the candidates during the test. Interview Mocha tracks candidate's suspicious activities using Artificial Intelligence Algorithm. 


Email to stake holders - You can enter the email address of the stakeholders and they will be intimated once the candidate completes the test. By default the account holder's email address is entered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will editing an existing test link affect the invitations already sent to candidates?

A) No, each test setting is unique. Editing an existing test link will in no  way affect the invitations already sent. 

Q: If I inactivate a Test Link, what happens to the invitations already sent?
A) The candidates will not be able to appear for the test if the test link is inactivated. 

Q: What does the star icon, next to the test link mean?
A) The star icon signifies that its the default test link. This is useful for API integrations. 

Q: Where can I see the list of all the invited candidates for all links?
A) You can see the list of all invited candidates under Analytics - Invited Candidates. 

In case of any queries, please send us a mail on