File upload question type is useful for descriptive, coding, and excel questions. It allows candidates the option of answering a question in word file/excel sheet and upload that file to the test platform. 

To add File Upload questions

Click My Questions in the top panel 

Click Add Question and select Upload File 

Add your question in the respective skill, enter the relevant details and click Save

      Alternatively, you can also use the Add File option to upload your question file. For e.g, If you have a question in Excel, you can upload the excel file and add the instructions. 

Now you can create the test with Upload File questions. Click How to create a Test to know more. 

How will it look on the test platform?

In the assessment platform, the question will appear as below


   Candidate can attempt the question in word file and upload it on the platform


   When the file is uploaded, it will look as below

 How to view it in reports?

In Reports, click Questions

You can view the uploaded file 

Download the file, review the answer, allot points and Save.

The report will now be updated with the revised scores. 

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