Can I rely on the questions provided by Interview Mocha?

Interview Mocha has 1000+ skill tests, over 50,000 questions and counting. But the most important question is about the quality of the questions. Are the questions quality checked? Are they relevant to a particular test? The answer is Yes!

We have a team of 120+ Global Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who create, modify & update questions. Our SMEs have years of experience in creating the tests that are apt for a particular job profile. Moreover, we believe that assessment is a science and we implement it too!

Science of Assessment & Question Quality Process

At Interview Mocha, we understand how integral it is to hire the right candidate. Keeping this in mind, Interview Mocha has defined a process that is followed when a test is created for a particular job description. Also, we have a dedicated team who does extensive research on the skills required for various jobs. With that analysis, we create the test to evaluate the required skills.

Accordingly, we have come up with “Science of assessment” methodology which will help you to screen candidates in a scientific way. Each question is checked for its quality and correctness through the quality process. The process is explained as follows:

This process ensures that all the questions are of top quality and add value to the tests.

Important: If you want to validate your questions from our Subject Matter Experts, you can send the questions at .

Last but not the least, we also believe that , "To err is Human". Being a human based test creation process, there might be some questions that have quality issues.

If you come across such questions, please send us a mail at will take it up on priority and modify the tests.