Testing candidate skills is an integral part of the recruitment process. Our Pre-employment skill-testing platform lets you create a test, invite the candidates & analyze the reports to take the best hiring decisions.

Let us start with creating a test.  

There are 2 ways to create a test:

  1. By creating a test of your own questions. 
  2. By requesting a  “Custom Test.” , which is exclusively created for you as per the job description provided.

1 . How to create a test by uploading your questions?

If you already have the questions that you want to ask candidates, you can export those questions!
To create a test with your questions, you need to first upload your questions.  Once the questions are uploaded, you can create your own tests. 

  • Click “My Test” or “My Questions
  • Click  " Create Test" button.
  • Give your test a name and click Save
  • Select Skill Library 

Interview Mocha – If you want Questions from Interview Mocha library

My Questions – If you want to use uploaded questions.

  • Choose a skill from the skill set & Click “ Add Skill”. You can edit the test & select the questions of your choice.

Important: To create tests with your own questions, you must upload the questions first. If you are creating this type of test for the first time, you must have uploaded questions & created your own library. Skills shown by Interview Mocha are default whereas you can manage the categories & skill of your own questions.

2. Ask Interview Mocha’s team – Custom test

Did not get the skill test you were looking for? You can ask Interview Mocha’s team to create the questions from Subject Matter Experts.

Simply, drop a mail at support@interviewmocha.com addressing your requirements or job description, our Subject Matter Expert will help you to create a test.

Note:  Custom test creation is available only to the paid customers as per the chosen package.

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