English is a widely accepted language for communication all over the world. However there are times when companies prefer the skill test to be conducted in the local language. For this purpose we have developed multi-lingual platform where you can create tests in your preferred language. Lets see how to create a test in any language. 

  • Go to My Questions in the top panel
  •  Select Add Question from the right side panel. Select they type of question you want, MCQ, True False, Fill in the blanks etc.
  • Select the skill to which you want to add the questions in the drop down menu and click Add Skill
  • Now you can either type the question in the preferred language if your keyboard supports it or you can use web translators like google to convert the text into the desired language. Sample languages are demonstrated below. Currently we support Russian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Indian Regional Languages, Portuguese, and a lot more.
  • According to the type of question you want to upload (MCQ, True/False, Fill in the blanks, or descriptive, add the answer options, allocate the marks,assign the difficulty level and tag, and Click Save
  • When you now create a test with your questions, you will get the questions uploaded by you in the preferred language in the desired skill test. The question will appear like below. The sample is for Russian language. 

If you have any questions on the above, please contact us on support@interviewmocha.com

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