You cannot completely delete the test from your account. Instead, you can make the test "Inactive". Once this is done the inactive test will move from "My Tests" to "Inactive Tests". You will no longer be able to invite candidates, view reports or interview feedback for the Inactive test.

Let us see how to make the test Inactive:

  • Click "My Tests" on the top panel
  • List of Tests appear
  • Select the desired test
  • Click "Inactive" at the right corner.
  • The test will now move under Inactive Tests Tab. 

The "Inactive Tests" tab will show all the inactive tests.
To re-activate the tests

  • Click "Inactive Tests" Tab
  • List of all Inactive tests appear
  • Select the test that you want to re-activate
  • Click Active 

The re-activated tests will again start appearing in your My Tests tab. 

You can not completely delete the test from your account!

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