Once you create a test by adding skill(s), you can edit the test.  While editing, you can:

  1. View/select questions
  2. Report a problem in any of the questions
  3. Allot marks to questions (Which you have uploaded)
  4. Edit the Name of section
  5. Edit test time & Number of questions
  6. Change order of section
  7. Merge sections
  8. Delete the section

Let us see how to make these changes:

  • Click "My Tests" tab on the top panel
  • Click on the name of the test you want to edit
  • You can then select the different options to edit the test
  1. View/select questions

This allows you to view all the questions and the marks allotted. You can select the questions from the list. Only selected questions will appear in the test. If you do not select anything, all the questions will appear randomly.

2. Report a problem in any of the questions

In case you find a problem with any of the questions in the test, you can let us know by simply clicking on Report a Problem link. Select the type of problem from the drop down menu and the problem will be reported to us.
Our back end team will the look into it and rectify the problem.

3. View allotted marks to questions

Click on View/Select question, you can see all the questions. In front of questions, respective marks are also given.
You can allot marks to the questions only when you upload your own questions for the test.

4. Edit the Name of section

Click "Edit" option then edit the name from the "Section". Don't forget to update the changes:)

5. Edit time & Number of questions 

Click "Edit" option to change the number of questions and the time given for it.

6. Change order of section
Section name has a blue colored button. Click that to change the order of the sections appearing in a test. Click "Save"

7. Merge Sections
You can merge multiple skills to the same section by giving same section name. For Example, you have a Business Analyst section (Test) with Logical Thinking skill and Writing Skills section (Test) with Sentence correction skill. You can merge both skills into one section by simply naming any one section with the other. Either rename Business Analyst section to Writing Skills or Vice Versa.

8. Delete the section
Click "Delete" button in front of the skill name to delete that section.

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