How to add a LogicBox question in My Questions?

Use the innovative LogicBox question type and assess candidates with an artificial intelligence-based pseudo coding platform.

What is LogicBox?

LogicBox is an artificial intelligence-based pseudo coding platform designed to assess programmers’ logical and problem-solving skills. LogicBox will change the way you hire champion coders.

LogicBox does not require the candidates to write the code from scratch, instead, LogicBox coding question provides a script, wherein certain code snippets are missing. The candidate has to write the missing code snippets in the answer box and complete the script.

How a LogicBox question appears to the candidate?


                                        Figure 1: How a LogicBox question appears to the candidate

Now let’s see How to add a LogicBox question

A) Adding the question and Answer Box

1.Click My Questions tab.

2.Click Add Question – from the drop-down, select LogicBox.

3. Select the skill and enter your question.

4. Point your cursor to where you want the answer box to appear in the question and click Add Answer Box. This box will appear as Answer1 and subsequent answer boxes as Answer2, Answer3, and so on.

5. For the Answer Box, you can add two answer types - Text and Numeric. For Coding and Descriptive questions select the answer type as Text, for questions that have a purely numerical output, select Numeric.


                                                             Figure 2: How to add Answer Box

6. Now that you have added the Answer Box, you need to add the Answer Sets.


B) Adding the Answer Sets for Text answers

1. Click + under Actions.

2. Select Evaluation Type Exact /Partial /Keyword.

3. Enter your answer, allot the points, click Save.



                                          Figure 3: What is Exact and Partial evaluation



                                                     Figure 4: What is Keyword Evaluation


C) Adding the Answer Set for Numeric answers

1. Select Answer type as Numeric while adding Answer Box.

2. Select Scoring Type as Single Answer Set or Sum of Answer Sets.

3. Click + under Actions.

4. Select Evaluation Type – Exact or Range.

5. Click Save.


Now that you have added the question, you can create an assessment using LogicBox questions.

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