How to add Video Interview Questions to My Questions

Add video interview questions to My Questions and use them in the tests

Video has become a daily part of our lives, making it a very convenient way we communicate with each other. With Interview Mocha’s video interview question type, companies and recruitment teams of all sizes can harness the power of video interviewing thereby saving time and efforts.

What are Video Questions?

Video Questions are an effective and efficient way to let candidates express themselves by recording their response in a video format. 

What are the benefits?

  • Connect with candidates miles away 
  • Eliminate scheduling conflicts
  • Evaluate communications skills prior to the final interview
  • Collaborate with recruiters for a non-biased pick
  • Time saved

How to add Video Questions?

You need to add the video questions into your account to start using them in tests. To add Video Questions

1. Click My Questions

2. Create a Category (Read here)

3. Click Add Question - Select Video Question

The question will appear under the Questions tab

You can now use this question in your tests. 

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