How to cancel the test invitation?

Sometimes there might be a situation when you need to change the test questions but the test invitation has already been sent. Or it might also happen that you no longer want the particular candidate to take the test. In such a scenario, Interview Mocha helps you to cancel the test invite of the candidates.

Don't worry Interview Mocha does not consider the canceled invitation as a test attempt. So there will not be any deductions from your test attempt count.

To cancel the test invitation:

  • Click "My Tests" tab on the top panel
  • From the list of tests, choose the test for which you want to cancel the invite
  • Click Invites


Cancel Test Invitation - Click Invite



  • Select the link for which you want to cancel the invitations
  • You will get a list of candidates that have been invited for the test
  • Select the check box for the candidate you want to cancel the test invite for


Cancel Invitation


  • Click "Cancel Invitation" button
  • Email will be sent to the candidates notifying the test cancellation

Note: You cannot cancel the invitation to candidates who have completed the test. Instead, you can allow reattempt test.

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