How to download reports of all candidates in excel sheet?

Candidate reports can be downloaded in excel sheet and saved for company records or even to share with your hiring team. The report contains data of the candidate like score, questions attempted, proctoring and window violation, in a particular test.

Let us see, how to download the report:

  • Click “ My Tests” tab on the top panel
  • Search a test from search box
  • Click "Reports"


download the report


  • On the top, Click “Download as Excel.”
Download report as Excel




Following details are usually provided in the Excel sheet:

  1. Appeared on date
  2. Full name of candidate
  3. Email address of candidate
  4. Test name
  5. Test status of each candidate (Completed, Left, etc)
  6. Performance Category (set by you)
  7. Total questions
  8. Test score
  9. Candidate score
  10. Percentage
  11. Test duration
  12. Proctoring details
  13. Section details


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