How to get your company branding on Interview Mocha?

One of the important aspect of the pre-recruitment process is to engage talent & make them feel that they are important for the company even before they join. This helps to create a positive impression about the company.

Interview Mocha helps you to brand your company. It will indirectly contribute to set you apart from other employers. This is called White Labeling.

Let us see the various available options for white labeling:

  1. Company Details:

Even though the candidate will appear the test from Interview Mocha’s platform, you can add company details, Logo and customize the test landing page.

  • Click "Settings" tab on the top panel
  • Choose “Global Settings ” from the drop down menu
  • On the left panel, click “Company Details”

Company Name & Phone No.

You can put your company’ name & the contact number where the candidate can contact for any assistance.

Redirect candidate after test completion

Once the candidate completes the test, you can redirect him to your website or any other web page.


Your company’s logo is the first thing candidate remembers about you. You can upload your logo.

2. Email Settings
There are various email communication that goes out to the candidate when he gets an invite for the test, gets email for test reattempt and so on. You can change the settings of these emails by changing the various Email templates.

To View/Change the Email Templates

  • Click "Settings" on the top panel
  • Click "Global Settings
  • Click "Email Templates" on the left panel
  • Choose the desired templates to make changes

3. Email Domain settings

By default all the communication to the candidates are sent from To send the email from your registered company email address, you need to send a mail to and we will do the rest.

4. Custom URL for test

You can also white label the URL. By default candidate will see the URL as , you can customize the URL. To set up this kind of white labeling, please contact

In case of any queries, please mail us on