How to grade essay/descriptive questions?

You may use essay or descriptive type questions in candidate assessments. The assessment can contain just the essay/descriptive questions or it can be a separate section altogether. For both the cases, the test admin(recruiter, hiring manager, admin) will have to manually evaluate the answer and allot points. 

To manually evaluate the answer

1. Select the test for which the answers have to be evaluated

2. Click Reports (You can view reports from Live Data, or navigate through My Tests and the Report Icon for the test card view)

3. A list of candidates will be displayed

4. Click View Reports (Note: Each individual report will open)

5. Click Questions Tab -> Question Status -> TBE (TBE means To be evaluated)

Questions Tab -> Question Status -> TBE

6. View the answer, and click Edit Score

Edit Score
Edit Candidate Score

7. Enter the points, your reason, and click Save

8. The report will then reflect the revised score

9. If any changes are made to the score by another user, click edit to view the score history

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