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How to set up 1-click integration with Jobvite

Step-by-step process to integrate Jobvite with Interview Mocha

Interview Mocha provides a seamless 1-Click integration with Jobvite so that you can have all your candidate data in a single repository and save you loads of time toggling between the two solutions. 

A. To set up 1-Click integration in Interview Mocha

1.Contact Jobvite support to generate API key and API secret for your account

2. Add the obtained API key to your Interview Mocha account

Jobvite- Interview Mocha Integration

3. Add the API key and the API secret, copy the Webhook link and send it to the Jobvite Integration team, click Activate


Your 1-Click integration is activated in Interview Mocha

B. To setup the Requisition and Candidate custom fields

After activating the integration, you need to set up the requisition and candidate custom fields. This can also be done by Jobvite support.

1. Login to your Jobvite account

2. You can map the tests with the job requisitions

3. Click Requisition, click the job application (Junior developer etc)

4. Click Details -> Edit 

5. Scroll to Mocha Test Id. In the drop-down, you can view all the tests with their test ids.

6. Select the one that you want the candidates to appear for

For now, you will have to update the test ids manually from Interview Mocha. 

To add more test ids

1. Click Admin -> Custom fields

2. Under Requisitions, look for the field title Mocha Test id

Click Edit and add the Mocha test id. The Mocha test id is the one that will appear on the top bar when you click on any test in My Tests in your Mocha account.


To add custom fields

1. Click Admin -> Custom fields - Candidates

2. You can then add custom fields like

C. Setting up a workflow

Next, a workflow set up is needed. This can only be done by Jobvite or Interview Mocha. You can contact support@interviewmocha.com or Jobvite support for the same.

Now, you can start sending the assessments to the candidates and view their report.

In case of any queries, contact support@interviewmocha.com