How to view reports for Coding Tests using Code Replay

Replay line by line coding by the candidates – Effective to understand Code cleanliness, Memory optimization, Accuracy, and Logic.

Hiring proficient coders is a task in itself. Apart from having an outstanding logic, champion coders need to have the ability to write a clean, effective, and optimal code. With Code Replay, you can now watch a video of the code written by the candidates. This will help you know the candidate's approach to the problem, how effective and optimal their code is, and the cleanliness of their code. 

Note: Code Replay videos will not be available for tests attempted before 2nd October 2019. 

Code Replay will be generated for all the reports in a Coding Test

To view Code Replay in Reports

1. Click My Tests - Select the test- Reports

2. Select a candidate to view Report

3. Select Question tab in the Report

4. Click Watch Video

Code Replay 1


You can watch the video of the code to view how the candidate has written the code. 

Code Replay New

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