How to view candidate feedback on the test experience?

Quality talents appreciate an organization who is interested in their opinion even before they join. Candidate feedback is a feature that provides the candidate with an opportunity to rate the test experience. You can decide whether you want the candidate to give the feedback or not and then view it and gauge how the test is performing.


To allow candidate feedback

  • Click My Tests on the top panel
  • Select the test that you want the candidate to take
  • Click Test settings
  • Scroll down to Display message settings
  • Select Yes for Allow Candidate Feedback option


candidate feedback 1


Once this option is enabled, the candidate will get a feedback window once he completes the test.


candidate feedback 2



Candidate can rate their experience as well as write a few words about it. Once it is done the feedback can be seen in the candidate reports and analytics as well.


To view candidate feedback in candidate reports

  • Click My Tests in the top panel
  • Select the test which the candidate has appeared for
  • Select Reports from the test card
  • Click View Report for the candidate you want to see the report for
  • In Summary column, scroll down to Candidate Feedback


This is how it will look


candidate feedback 3


To view the candidate feedback in analytics

  • Log in to your account (Admin accounts only)
  • Click Analytics
  • Click Candidate Feedback
candidate feedback 4



  • You can check the feedback and the comments that appear on the far right of the page as shown above


You can even filter the status and comments by clicking on the individual emoticons.



Note: Only admin accounts can view the candidate feedback.


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