Sometimes interviewers want to check the candidate's report or HR wants to invite candidates for the test. You as an admin can share the access with your Hiring Team, to edit test, invite candidates or view candidates reports. You can also give full access to any team member of your hiring team.

Let us see how to give access:

  • Click "My Tests" tab in the top panel
  • Click on the name of test
  • On the left, click " Share Test"
  • Click "Share Test" button on the extreme right 
  • The below window will appear
  • In the select user drop down menu, the email ids of your team will appear. (Note: The users must be added before to be able to appear in the drop down menu)
  • Decide the access level for the user.
  • If you opt for full access, the user will get access to all the functions. If you select only Interview Feedback or Invite candidate, that particular user will have access to that function only
  • Click "Share Test"
  • The test will be successfully shared to the user

Note:  Here you are giving access to your colleague only for the selected test.

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