Here are the details of various packages offered by Interview Mocha.

In this article, we will explain you the meaning of the terms given in the description of packages.

  1. Sub-user 

The users that you will add from the Interview Mocha’s platform to edit test or view reports. Users can be Recruiters, Interviewer, Hiring Managers and so on. You can add 5 such users in Medium Package and 10 users in the Large Package.

2. Test Attempts 

In Small Package you get 100 test attempts which mean, once a candidate takes a test that is counted as 1 test attempt. You can give one test to 100 different candidates or 100 tests to 100 candidates. Each attempt will be deducted from the total number of attempts as per your package.

3.Custom Test

 Interview Mocha has more than 1000 tests. But sometimes, the skill which you want may not be available with us. In this case, we will create a test for you based on the job profile provided. This is called "Custom Test". Each package features a certain number of custom tests. If you have exceeded the number of custom tests under your package we can still create it for you at an additional cost. 

To create a custom test, drop us an email at


The test attempts are valid for a period of 6 months for Small Package and 12 months for the Medium and Large packages. 

5.Custom URL

You can white label the URL for the company branding. This feature is available with the large & enterprise packages only.

6.Ready Tests

You will get the access to 1000+ tests that will be available to you once you subscribe to any of our packages. You will have access to all the ready tests irrespective of the package you purchased!

Important: If you want to have a customized package, you can contact our support team & they will help you :)

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