When you want to analyze the quality of candidates that have appeared for the test, you would need some data as a reference point. Interview Mocha helps you in this with a smart feature called “Test Analysis.”

Note: Minimum 10 candidates must have completed the test to get this test analysis.

Let us see how it works:

  • Click “Analytics” tab on the top panel
  • In “Test Statistics”- select the test, you want to analyze
  • Scroll down till end
  • The pie-chart shows the distribution of candidates according to percentage of marks scored.

You can check the following:

  1. Number of candidates who have completed this test.
  2. Mean or the average score of all the candidates
  3. Standard Deviation

With the help of this pie-chart, you will understand the quality of candidates. Thus a litmus check for your talent sourcing channel :)

You can also check:)

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