The analytics page now comes with a set of filters that will help you streamline your candidate and test data. You can now filter the data in four types

  • Live Data
  • Invited candidates
  • Test Analytics
  • Advanced Search

Let us see how each of the filters can be of help to you. 

Live Data
Live data is the function where you can see the data of all your tests. You can see all the candidates that have appeared for the various tests and the status of their tests like whether the test is completed, the report is generated, window violation, and so on. By default when you log in, the analytics page will show live data.
Further, you can even filter the live data function to get the data for particular tests or candidates as well.
To filter the live data as per tests and or candidates 

  • In the All Tests drop-down, select the test you want
  • Click Apply
  • All the data will be displayed

Alternatively, you can also filter the live data for a particular candidate as well. 

  • Type the name or email address of the candidate in search column
  • Click Apply
  • All data for the candidate will be displayed

Invited Candidates
 If you need to see the data for the invited candidates for a particular test or all tests for a specific period, you can use this filter. The test status can be further filtered on the basis of invited candidates that have completed the test, test in progress or terminated tests. 

To filter data for invited candidates 

  • In Test Names, select the test you want or keep it to default All tests
  • In the from and to columns, enter the dates, for which you want the data to be displayed

If you, want to enter the candidate name or email address, you can type in the search column, or simply click Apply
If you want to find out how many candidates were invited, between August 1, 2017, to September 1, 2017, you can set the search filter accordingly. 

The data will look like above, you can see all the candidates that have appeared for the period specified. You can even see the test status and reports. This data can be saved in excel sheet and used for further reference.
Note: When you require the data for a particular period, the latest date will appear at the top, ie, for data between August to September, the data of September will appear first.

Test Analytics
Test Analytics will display the data of the tests created by you or your team, no of candidates who have appeared for it, passed candidates, failed candidates and much more.
To get the data with Test Analytics

  • Enter the dates for which you need the data in the From and To columns
  • Enter the test name in search or if you want data for all the tests, keep search blank
  • Click Apply Filter
  • The data will be displayed as below

Advanced Search
Advanced search lets you filter the data with a lot of parameters. With advanced search, it becomes easier to search for specific information regarding the candidate's test.
To use advanced search

  • Select the Test for which you need the data from All Tests 
  • You can enter the candidate's name in the search candidate column

You can simply set the search parameters. The below parameters are available.
Filter by Candidate Test score
Use this filter to get data of candidates as per your requirement.
Eg: You can use this filter to know how many candidates have scored 10, less than 10, greater than 10, and so on.  

  • Select Test score 
  • Choose the filter you want to apply
  • Click Apply filter 
  • You will get the data as required

Filter by Candidate Attributes
You can also filter the candidate data based on other parameters like window violations, time violation, percentage, test status and so on. 

  • Select the parameter for which you want the candidate data
  • Click Apply Filter
  • You will get the data as required 

Note: You can even save the filter and use it for later. 

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