When you send an invitation to the candidate, you get notified once the candidate completes the test. The candidate's score will help you to plan the next process of hiring. Interview Mocha helps you to get the notification of score via email!

Also, you can notify the interviewer or stakeholder about the candidate score instantly. Interview mocha helps you to notify your stakeholders :)

Note: By default Interview Mocha does not share the score with candidates. 

Let us see how to set up:

  • Click “My Tests” tab on the top panel
  • Click on the name of test
  • On the left panel , click on "Test Settings."
  • Scroll down & Go to the last option of Email Settings.

Select Yes, if wish to send the score to candidates.

  • Write the email address of your team members separated by commas in the box. It will notify them about the score of candidates.

Don't Forget to "Save the Test Settings" :)

Note: You can view or edit the email format in both the cases by clicking on the link below it.

You can also check :)

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