Interview Mocha has 1000 + skill tests which are helpful to recruit the best candidates for a particular job profile. Interview Mocha lets you customize the test settings through which you can decide on the difficulty level of the test, negative marking, cut off percentage and test name as well. 

Let us learn more about how to make those changes:

  • Click “My Tests” tab in the top panel
  • Select the test, click on the test name
  • Click “Test Settings”from the left panel

The options for Test settings are as below :

  1. Test Name – It is the name given to the test by you or by your teammate.
  2. Test Alias Name- It is the test name that you want to show to the candidates in the communication emails or while writing the test.

Note: You may write the test name for the reference of your team but while presenting it to the candidate we suggest, it should be the job role he has applied for.

Other options of Test settings will help you to make the test easy/ difficult even without changing the questions! 

3. Type of test

There are two types of tests which determines how the questions will appear to the candidates while writing the test.

  • Multiple questions with mark for review option

Here the candidate will have the access to look all the questions on the test screen. At a glance, he can see all the questions one by one. He can then choose which one to answer first. Moreover, he can mark the question for review. Below is the image of how the Mark for Review option appears.

There are the color codes for the reference which includes questions not attempted, correct questions, questions marked for review & questions attempted.

  • Single Questions

Here the candidate will be able to see only one question at a time. So to attempt next question, he has to skip or answer the current one which indirectly makes the test difficult.

4.Cut off Percentage

By default, the cut off is 50%. You can change the pointer to the desired percentage, impacting the difficulty level for the test.

5. Negative Marking Settings

Adding negative marking makes it tough for the candidates to score, which increases the difficulty level of the test. 

There are two ways to allot negative marking:

  • On the percentage of the marks allotted. 
  • On absolute value per question.

 You can even add negative marks for skipped questions, making it more difficult!

Again, don’t forget to click  "Save the Test Settings" :)

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