What can I view in Analytics?

The analytics page comes with a set of filters that will help you streamline your candidate and test data. You can now filter the data in four types

  1. Comparative Reports
  2. Advanced Search
  3. Candidate Feedback
  4. Invited Candidates
  5. Test Analytics

Note: Viewing access of Analytics page, depends upon user roles.

Super Admin and Admin can view Analytics as well as live data

Recruiters can view Live Data and Analytics except for Candidate feedback in Analytics

Interviewers can only view Live Data

Let us see how each of the filters can be of help to you.

1. Comparative Reports

Comparative Reports help you choose the best among a pool of candidates' who appear for a particular test. You can select up to 3 candidates to be compared. The candidate with the best percentage is stamped as Mocha Recommendation.

You will get the comparative results with Mocha Recommendation.

2. Advanced Search
Advanced search lets you filter the data with different parameters. With advanced search, it becomes easier to search for specific information regarding the candidate's test. Advanced search page by default will display data for all tests till date.

You can use various filters as below

Click Apply Filter ,you will get the data as required


1. For data, older than 90 days, use custom date filtration

2. You can select the performance categories from the drop down menu

3. If you select "All Tests", the filters that can be used are Duration & Test Status. Performance category, Test score, and Section score can only be applied when you select a particular test.

4. Once the filters are applied, you can download the data into excel by clicking Download as excel

3. Candidate Feedback

You can view the candidate feedback for all the assessments. You can use the filters to view data for specific tests, users or experience meters- Great, Neutral, Unhappy.

4. Invited Candidates
If you need to see the data for the invited candidates for a particular test or all tests for a specific period, you can use this filter. The test status can be further filtered on the basis of invited candidates that have completed the test, test in progress or terminated tests.

To filter data for invited candidates

Enter the Candidate email address in the search box and hit enter.

You will get the data for that candidate

You can also use the filters to further narrow down your search.

To use filters, click the filter icon

The below filters are available

  • Select All tests or a test from the drop down
  • Select the test link
  • Select the test status (Completed, In Progress, Pending, Terminated, Test Left)
  • Select the date parameter
  • Click Apply

You may use permutations and combinations for the filters.

If you, want to enter the candidate name or email address, you can type in the search column
Eg: If you want to find out how many candidates were invited for the month of July, you can set the search filter accordingly.

The data will look like above, you can see all the candidates that have appeared for the period specified. You can even see the test status and reports. This data can be saved in excel sheet and used for further reference.

Note: When you require the data for a particular period, the latest date will appear at the top, ie, for data between August to September, the data of September will appear first.

In case of a time bound test, if the candidate attempts it after the allotted time, the test status will reflect as Test link expired.

4. Test Analytics
Test Analytics will display the data of the tests created by you or your team, no of candidates who have appeared for it, passed candidates, failed candidates and much more.
To get the data with Test Analytics

  • Enter the dates for which you need the data in the From and To columns
  • Enter the test name in search or if you want data for all the tests, keep search blank
  • Click Apply Filter
  • The data will be displayed as below

In case of any queries, please mail us at support@interviewmocha.com