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What is difficulty level analysis in candidate report?

Difficulty Analysis is a new metric added to the candidate report. You can view how the candidates have performed for questions of various difficulty levels - Easy, Medium, and Hard, and the percentage of correctness for each level.

Difficulty level analysis helps the recruiters/hiring managers measure the performance of the candidate vis-a-vis the range of questions that they have attempted correctly. E.g. A test consists of 10 easy, 2 medium, and 3 hard questions. In this scenario most of the candidates who have fared well, score excellent in easy questions, do well in medium, but perhaps are not able to score off the hard questions. In retrospect there may be some candidates who score well in hard question as well.

Question Difficulty Index gives a brief synopsis of how the candidate has fared with different difficulty levels in the test. 

To view Question Difficulty Index

Click View Reports 

Under the Summary section, you can view the Question Difficulty Index

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