What is weekly usage email and how can it help?

Learn about one of the most powerful analytics to streamline your hiring process.

Weekly email is a performance report that’s sent once a week summarizing the previous week's hiring data in a nutshell. This helps you to get valuable insights on your Tests, no. of candidates invited, and their feedback.

To enable weekly emails

1. Click Settings -> My Settings

2. Click Weekly Usage Email


Weekly Usage Email 1


3. You can select to receive email notifications for only your account, or you can select the users

Your weekly email notification will include

A. Invited Candidates

Weekly Usage Email - Invited Candidates

A bifurcation of how the invites were spread out over the week. This metric tells you the number of candidates that were invited over a week, when were the highest or the lowest number of invites sent and is useful for analyzing your candidate sources and job ads.

B. Appeared Candidates

Weekly Usage Email - Appeared Candidates

A breakdown of the status of the tests for candidates who attempted the test. This tells you how many candidates have appeared for the test along with the test status. A high completion rate is satisfying, however, a low completion rate means that candidates are leaving the test unfinished – perhaps the test is too long, is boring, or does not contain the relevant questions. It could also indicate some sort of technical glitch (Test Suspended status).

C. Top Active Test of the week


Weekly Usage Email - View your top active tests


A breakdown on the scores of the candidates. It shows the top 3 active tests of the week along with the performance categories for each test. You can view which tests have been trending during the week. You can correlate the active tests with the current job positions that are open.

D. Candidate Feedback

Weekly Usage Email - Candidate Feedback


A snapshot of how the candidates have rated the tests as compared to last week and what is the % increase or decrease in the various feedback received from the candidates.

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