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What is window violation and how to set it up?

What is Window violation?
Window violation is a feature that helps to detect any movement of the candidate outside his test window. In short, if the candidate tries to source answers from the web engines, chat windows or any external web help, the system will give a pop-up message saying that it is not allowed. In the candidate report, you can also see the window and time violation report. The time violation shows for how much time the candidate was out of the test window. 

How to set up?

  • Click My Tests in the top panel
  • Click the Test for which you wish to enable window violation
  • Click " Settings" from the top panel
  • Click "Test Settings" from the left panel
  • Scroll down to Proctoring Settings option

Window violation - proctoring settings

  • You can choose to allow or disallow copy/paste option. When copy/paste option is enabled, the window violation setting will be displayed
  • Select Yes to enable window violation popup
  • You can choose to terminate the test in case the candidate exceeds the maximum no. of test violations allowed
  • (Note: If you allow the candidate to copy/paste, then window violation will not be enabled)
  • Click Save Test Settings

Window violation is now enabled for this test only and not for the other tests in your account. 

While creating a coding test, we do not recommend you to enable this option.

Does the proctoring and window violation details show up in the reports?
Yes, once the settings are enabled, the details will be seen in candidate reports.
In the candidate report the window violation and time violation details can be seen in the summary and the proctoring details tabs. The window and time violation details are displayed for each question under the questions tab as well. 

Window violation under summary tab

Window violation under summary tab

Window Violation for each question under questions tab

Window Violation for each question under questions tab

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