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Why is the Time-Bound and Slot Wise access time disabled in the API link?

Read how the access time works in an API link generated by your ATS/LMS solution

Interview Mocha seamlessly integrates with the choice of your ATS or LMS. Once integrated, you can send test invites from your ATS/LMS and view the reports as well. 

Whenever a Job is mapped with a Test ID, an API link is created in the app (www.app.interviewmocha.com).


This is the link that is used for all invitations via API. When this link is accessed in the app, you can set the access time with no. of days from the date of the invitation. The option to have Time-bound and slot wise invites are disabled. This will help maintain the API link integrity and allow for more simplified usage. 

In case you still need to use Time-bound and Slot-wise invites for API, write to us at support@interviewmocha.com.